SJC Academic Program

What's new?

Special topic courses for the 2017-18 year!

Fall Term

  • CHRTC 203 (A1) A Comparative Study of the Bible and the Quran
  • CHRTC 203 (A2) Fantasy Worlds and Christian Spirituality
  • PHIL 359 (A1) Evil & Divine Alterity

Winter Term

  • CHRTC 309 (850-online) Star Wars, the Hunger Games & The Bible
  • CHRTC 309 (B1) Well-being and Resilience: Christian Perspectives
  • CHRTC 309 (B2) Sport and Lived Faith
  • PHIL 359 (B1) Philosophy and Theology after the Holocaust

Who Can Take Courses at St. Joseph's College?

Any University of Alberta student! St. Joe's is affiliated with the U of A and all courses count for direct credit as Arts Options.

What Kind of Courses Are Offered at St. Joe's?

We offer a variety of courses in: applied ethics, philosophy, religious education and theology at the undergraduate level. We have specific courses in religious education for students in the Faculty of Education who intend to teach within the province's Catholic school system.

Other important areas of teaching are philosophy, science and religion, bioethics, social justice, scripture, spirituality, contemporary world views, as well as sexuality and marriage. In total, thirty-nine courses in Christian theology and fourteen courses in philosophy are listed for credit in the Faculty of Arts.

Do I have to be Catholic?

Absolutely not! Courses at St. Joe's are taught from a Catholic perspective, but students of all faiths and denominations are welcome. We encourage prospective students of all backgrounds to consider taking one of our courses.

How can I register?

You can register through Beartracks, like any other U of A course!

I'm not a current University of Alberta student. Can I still take a course at St. Joe's?

Yes. You will first need to apply to the UofA as an Open Studies student before the noted deadline. Once enrolled, simply log on to Beartracks and enroll in your chosen course(s).


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