Cali, Colombia

Join us on our next trip to Columbia during the 2018 Fall term!
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Petre Ene (Spring 2015)

"The field trip to Colombia was for me a life change event. The missionary work I witnessed there not only refreshed my faith but more then that made me recommit to the my vocation. The course CHRTC 339 was the tool the Lord used for making me consider once again serving my neighbour. That is why I will go back to Colombia in the end of the year in an attempt of understanding God's will for me."


Magda Tawfik (Spring 2015)

"I had an absolutely wonderful experience going to Cali, Colombia. The reason why I decided to take part in this course was because it combined so many of my interests into one complete package those being religion/theology, travel, and Spanish. This was my first trip to South America and there were many things that made this trip fantastic. These included, being able to see and take part in the activities going on in the school, Insistuto de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción (INSA), having the experience of staying with a warm and caring host family, and taking a day trip to see other parts of Colombia outside of the main city. Another aspect of this trip that made my experience really great was having the accompaniment of Father Maurice. Father Maurice was not only accustomed to the environment in Cali but he also knew a lot about my culture and religious background so I always felt comfortable asking him questions or going to him for any concerns that I had. This experience had a very great impact on my life and I eagerly await a chance to go again!"