Pre-Authorized Debit Plans

Frequently Asked Questions About the Pre-Authorized Debit Plans for the Worshipping Community

What is PAD? 

A Pre-Authorized Debit Plan is a method of giving donations to St. Joseph's College regularly and conveniently.  PAD works exactly like the payment options you may be using currently to pay your monthly bills. 

Why use PAD? 

PAD eliminates the use of envelopes, searching for cash or writing a cheque.  By using PAD, you help us reduce administrative costs.  This means more of your funds go directly to supporting the ministry of St. Joseph’s College Chapel.  

How does PAD work? 

The amount you decide to give will be automatically withdrawn from your chequing account on the first of every month.  The specified amount should be available two days prior to and after that date.  If the money is unavailable, your bank’s NSF charges will apply. 

What if I want to make changes? 

If you change banks, want to modify the amount or need to cancel the plan for any reason, simply notify us in writing at least one month prior to the withdrawal date and the changes will be made as soon as possible. 

Should I be concerned with privacy and confidentiality? 

The electronic transfer of funds is safe and confidential.  The funds are transferred directly from your bank account to St. Joseph's College. Please Note: We will still be providing envelopes for special occasions and particular donations.  

I'm ready, how do I enroll?

Please download and fill out the following form. Either drop if off to the College's Receptionist or email it to

Any questions?

Please contact Marc Neal at 780.492.4414 or

Pre-Authorized Debit Plan Authorization Form