Community Memory and Imagination: What Saith the Scriptures?

Time: 3:00pm
Date: Thursday, March 15, 2018
Location: Boardroom, St. Joseph's College

Presenter: Dr. Ian Wilson

This talk will demonstrate how historical study of the Bible, and the historical study of prophetic literature in particular, can contribute to public discourse about communal memories and imaginations, especially in relation to religion. Examining the literary processes of remembering in ancient Judah—that is, how ancient Judeans imagined interrelationships between their past, present, and future, with their literature—provides access to another community’s visions of itself and its place in time. Specifically, he will comment on the book of Isaiah, the different ways it presents narratives about Judah’s past and future, and how these various narratives would contribute to social remembering in the ancient Judean context. He argues that this kind of historical work brings understandings of our own communities, and our understandings of others (religious or not), into sharper focus.

Dr. Ian Wilson is an Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and Director of the Chester Ronning Centre. He is a scholar of religion, specializing in the Hebrew Bible and the histories and cultures of ancient Israel and the Near East.

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Light refreshments will be available.