People - University of Alberta
Dr. Paul Flaman  Paul Flaman, Professor (PhD, Theology, Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas, Rome)

Specialization: Moral Theology, Spiritual Theology, Bioethics, Theology of Human Sexuality, Marriage and the Family, Theology of the Person

Office: 1-24, St. Joseph's College (780) 492-1843
Email: pflaman@ualberta.ca  


Denis Lamoureux, Associate Professor (PhD, Oral Biology-Dental Development and Evolution, University of Alberta; PhD, Theology-Science & Religion, University of St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto)

Specialization: Science and Religion, Evolution and Creationism

Office: 0-24, St. Joseph's College (780) 492-5132

Email: dlamoure@ualberta.ca

Nathan Kowalsky, Associate Professor (PhD, Philosophy, University of Louvain [Leuven])

Specialization: Environmental philosophy and ethics; philosophy of religion; philosophy of culture; philosophy of technology

Office: 0-08, St. Joseph's College (780) 492-6438
Email:  nek@ualberta.ca  

Indre Cuplinkskas 

Indre Cuplinskas, Associate Professor (PhD, Theology, University of St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto)

Specialization: Catholic Church history; history of Christianity in Canada; Christianity and culture; 20th-century Catholicism; Catholic youth movements; Vatican II

Office: 0-12, St. Joseph's College (780) 492-7681
Email: indre.cuplinskas@ualberta.ca

Dr. Matthew Kostelecky 

Matthew Kostelecky, Associate Professor (PhD, Philosophy, University of Louvain [Leuven])

Specialization: Medieval philosophy, especially 13th and 14th century epistemology and metaphysics, History of Philosophy.

Office: 0-16, St. Joseph's College (780) 492-5643
Email: kostelec@ualberta.ca  

Dr. Doris Kieser 

Doris Kieser, Associate Professor (PhD, Secondary Education, University of Alberta)

Specialization: Sexuality ethics; Feminist ethics & theology; Bioethics; Moral theology; Teaching sexuality and theology; Theological anthropology; The sexual body

Office: 0-13, St. Joseph's College (780) 492-8147
Email: dkieser@ualberta.ca

Fr. Don McLeod, csb 

Fr. Don McLeod, csb Associate Professor (Th.D., U. of Toronto, St. Michael’s College, Toronto School of Theology)

SpecializationTheology (Systematics and the Social Teaching of the Church), Religious Education, Scripture (focus on the Gospels)   

Office: 1-16, St. Joseph's College (780) 492-9447
Email: don.mcleod@ualberta.ca

 Dr. Matthew Hoven  

Matthew Hoven, Assistant Professor (PhD, Theology & Religious Studies, The Catholic University of America)

Specialization: Religious and Education; Religion and Sports, especially educational concerns; Catholic Education; Religion and Science, especially educational concerns

Office: 0-14, St. Joseph's College (780) 492-5476
Email: hoven@ualberta.ca


Lorne Zelyck, Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies (PhD, Divinity, University of Cambridge)

Specialization: Canonical and apocryphal gospels; New Testament; early Christianity; early church fathers; Gnosticism

Office: 0-11, St. Joseph's College (780) 492-5272
Email:  zelyck@ualberta.ca  

Joseph Buijs, Professor Emeritus, (Ph.D., The University of Western Ontario, London, Canada)

Specialization: Maimonides; Medieval Philosophy; Philosophy of Religion

Email: joseph.buijs@ualberta.ca