Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Do I have to be Catholic to live at St. Joe's?
No. The majority of residents are Catholic, however every resident is expected to abide by the Residence's Code of Conduct, in addition to the University of Alberta's Code of Student Behaviour.

Do I have to take classes at St. Joe's while I am living there?
No, however St. Joe's offers a diverse range of University-credit courses that are available as electives to most degree programs. Residents are encouraged to check out courses at St. Joe's as part of a balanced education. To check out St. Joe's academic offerings, please click here.

Do you have to attend church?
Church attendance is not mandatory although those wishing to attend church services are more then welcome to do so. We will have two chapels available to students and the general public. Kateri Chapel is located in the lobby of the Women’s residence and the main St. Joseph’s Chapel is located on the west end of the main building on the ground floor.

Is the residence involved in campus sports? 
Many residents play sports. In fact our participation in sports is so high that the Men's Residence has won the U.A.B. Cup as the top intramural unit in the Campus Recreation Men's "A" Conference for the last twenty-six years straight. All residents have the opportunity to participate in up to 24 different activities throughout the year. The sports representatives usually organize a competitive team and a fun team for each sport, so that residents of all levels can participate.

Do the residences get together for social events?
Our residences are very social places to live. We participate in everything from movie nights to Formals.

Is there free Wi-Fi?
There is free University Wireless Services (UWS) Wi-Fi available to all students in residence.

Do you offer student parking?
No – St. Joseph’s College will have a small parking lot but it will be for staff only except on days where special exceptions are made (move-in/move-out days). Please go to the Parking Services website to find parking on campus:

The College itself is also home to a 2-storey NEOS affiliated library and a large student lounge on the main floor for study space.


Frequently Asked Questions Specific to the New Women's Residence

Do residents have their own room?
Yes - residents will have their own private room within their suite.

How many people share each unit?
The new women’s residence has three different unit types: one, two, and four bedroom suites. Each room within the suite can be locked although all suitemates share the unit bathroom(s) and kitchenette.

How long is the lease?
The women’s residence has two different lease options: an 8-month lease and a 12-month lease.

Will my suitemates be in the same year of school as me? If not, what kind of age difference might there be?
There might be some year of school/age difference between the residents within a suite, but the College will try to place suitemates together in a manner that is the most beneficial to its residents.

Are some floors designated as "quiet " floors, "social" floors, etc?
When placing residents, the College will take into consideration the needs of their residents to ensure that they get the greatest benefit from their stay in the residence. The room matching will do its best to ensure that there is a healthy balance between the academic, social, and spiritual well being of the students.

Can I choose my own roommate?
Yes - you will have an opportunity to request specific roommates. To become roommates though, all roommates must make the same request to room together.

How will roommates be assigned?
Room assignments will be based on the application. Our application forms allow the applicant the chance to indicate which room situations they prefer. Preference is given to senior 3-4th year and graduate students for the 1 and 2 bedroom units, while first year students will more then likely be placed in four bedroom units. St. Joseph’s College will do everything we can to accommodate your request.

How are the rooms furnished? Is bedding provided? What kind of home furnishings can I bring?
Each bedroom will have a captain’s bed (with storage underneath), a desk, and some closet space. Residents are expected to provide and clean their own bed linens (pillows, sheets, etc). The Director of Residence must approve all extra home furnishings before being brought into the residence.

What kind of cooking facilities does the unit have? Are the kitchens fully stocked with pots, pans, plates, etc?
The kitchenettes are equipped with chairs, a common area table, fridge, stove, and microwave. The residents are expected to provide all their extra kitchen materials (pots, pans, utensils, etc).

How far is the nearest grocery store?
There are two grocery stores nearby; Sobey’s on 112 Street and 83 Avenue (a five-minute walk) and Safeway located at 109 Street and 82 Avenue (a fifteen-minute walk).

Is there a TV in each unit?
No – but there will be TV’s in the common area lounges.

Are men allowed in the rooms to visit? Can they stay overnight?
Men are allowed to visit within prescribed hours and not overnight. In order to access the residence areas, a resident must accompany them, and they must sign in when they arrive and sign out when they leave.


Frequently Asked Questions Specific to the Men's Residence

Is there a meal plan?
Yes. All male residents are included in our full meal plan that includes a buffet-style all-you-can-eat lunch and dinner with a continental breakfast. Since there are no cooking facilities in the male resident’s rooms, they are expected to be on the meal plan.

What are laundry services like?
The St. Joseph’s College male residence has a laundry room on 2nd floor of the main building. There are three washers and three dryers for the resident’s use.

How long is the lease?
The men’s residence offers an 8-month lease (September to April) for its residents.

Do residents have their own room?
No - although St. Joe's rooms are small (about 8 feet by 12 feet), they are all single occupancy. Each floor has two community washrooms that the residents share.

How are the rooms furnished?
Each room has a twin bed set (mattress, boxspring, and frame), a desk, dresser, and closet space. Some rooms do have sinks and/or bathrooms and are larger in size, but they are generally reserved for returning students.

What should I bring when I move in? Is bedding provided? What kind of home furnishings are residents expected to bring for their room?
Residents are expected to provide and clean their own bed linens (pillows, sheets, etc). At the same time, each resident is expected to keep their room a clean and habitable place. Any damage done to the room (and by extension the College) will be the responsibility of the resident. To view or print a list of items to remember, please click here.

Does the men's residence offer communal spaces?
The 4th floor of the residence is the social lounge for the male residents, which has a television and a pool/table tennis table. In addition, the 3rd floor center lounge serves as a study lounge and board game space.


Should you have further questions, we would be pleased to speak with you.

Scott Cramer
Director of Men's Residence
Phone (during business hours):
   Liane Beaulac
Director of Women's Residence
Phone (during business hours):